Can I order & Pay Online
Yes, you can order online and pay online via direct deposit to our nominated bank account.
Can I pay via Credit Card
Yes, you can contact our sales staff directly and pay via VISA or Mastercard but you will need your credit card with you as we ask for all details to ensure your security.
Can I pick up the furniture myself
No, as we are an online shop with direct access to manufacturers to get you the best prices. Let us deliver to your door for a very reasonable price.
Are the cantilever Umbrellas easy to install?
Yes if you follow the instructions as delivered. Do not vary from the directions or standards described.  If you have concerns about the installation please contact us or your local builder/handyman.
Kwila Timber Furniture
What is Kwila?
Kwila,aka Afzelia, Borneo Teak, Hintzy (Madagascar), Ipil (Philippines), Ironwood (UK), Merbau (Indonesia) is a Tropical Hardwood mainly found in Indonesia, New Guinea and some South Pacific Islands. Kwila has a hardness factor of 8.6 compared with other popular timber species such as Jarrah (8.5) and Teak (4.5). Its physical appearance is golden to dark brown with yellow and black flecks. It has interlocked grain and has a texture which is coarse but even.
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Why use Kwila?
Kwila is regarded as one of the most durable timbers in the world. Kwila is rot and termite resistant and can last indefinitely if maintained properly. Kwila is less prone to the shrinking, cracking or bowing which is prevalent in a lot of other timbers used in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. The abundant natural oil in Kwila is the feature of this timber, which makes it so durable in comparison to other timbers commonly used for outdoor furniture. The Australian Department of Primary Industries has given Kwila a Rating One, which is the highest standard of suitability for timber outdoor furniture.
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What else is Kwila used for?
Kwila has been used for boat building, flooring, decking, marine jetties, mine timber and staircases. The US Navy in WWII to resolve a serious problem used Kwila. The landing deck of an aircraft carrier was destroyed by enemy bombs while on a mission in the South Pacific. The ship in desperate need of repairs docked in Southeast Asia to repair the damage the only material available for such heavy use was kwila. The deck was repaired with Kwila and continued its mission. It has only been in more recent times that Kwila has been used for furniture because the very hardness of the wood made it difficult to manufacture without special sophisticated machinery.
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How do I care for my Kwila furniture?
To maintain the deep rich colour of the timber the furniture should be treated on a regular basis with Kwila Oil, or any clear penetrative decking oil. If not treated, the timberwork will gradually weather to a silver grey color. Some people prefer the silver grey appearance of the oxidized wood but if a deep rich showroom look is desired then it must be lightly oiled every couple of months. All fasteners should be checked after initial settling period and tightened where necessary with the allen key provided. Further tightening may be necessary at a later stage. Canvas covers should be hosed down regularly to remove dust and dirt and any stains may be removed by using any commercial fabric stain removers. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and hang out to dry.
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Does Kwila bleed?
Yes. Kwila does contain natural oils and tannins to give kwila its durability. This process of bleeding occurs when the furniture becomes wet but will cease after just a few times. Hosing down the furniture in a grassy area diminishes this process. Bleeding can stain concrete but can be easily removed with bleach.
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Does Kwila warp?
The kiln dry process reduces the amount of moisture present in the wood to help eliminate warping and cracking, however this cannot be guaranteed due to climate conditions.
What are the warranties on my purchases?
Kwila Furniture

  • As per Manufacturers Warranty

Econoshade Umbrellas

  • As per Manufacturers Warranty

All product Warranty and Guarantee return costs are at the responsibility of the purchaser.

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Why we use kwila timber...
Very high hardness rating
Does not rot, warp, crack or peel
High content of natural oils & color tannins
Rich in texture and color
Plentiful and renewable supply
Faster growing than many hardwoods
Not subject to insect infestation
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